Aims & Objectives

  1. To promote the science and art of Orthodontics.
  2. To organize the Orthodontic specialists in Pakistan.
  3. To safeguard and defend the interest and integrity of the members of the association through ethical, moral or legal means at the disposal of the Association.
  4. To maintain the honor, interests, dignity and unity of the Orthodontic Profession.
  5. To enlighten and educate the general public on Orthodontic problems and their solutions.
  6. To make orthodontic treatment accessible to all the citizens of Pakistan.
  7. To encourage and direct study and research in the field of Orthodontics and related sciences.
  8. To guide regulatory bodies in undergraduate and post graduate dental education for example the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan, Medical and Dental Universities, and other bodies to help develop rules, regulations and plans which are not contradictory in nature, are of international merit, and which improve orthodontic education and services in the country.
  9. To influence the policies and planning of the Government of Pakistan and Provincial Governments relative to Dental and Orthodontic regulation, Orthodontic health of the public and Orthodontic education.
  10. To represent the interests of Orthodontics, and Orthodontists in the dental community in Pakistan particularly in the Pakistan Dental Association and all other forums where such need arises.
  11. To guide and help the Pakistan Dental Association in the promotion of Orthodontics and fulfillment of their broader objectives.
  12. To guide and help dental and medical universities, colleges, and departments on Orthodontic education, by extending professional and expert help, advice and cooperation of the Association and its members.
  13. To promote desirable standards of training, certification and fellowship in Orthodontics.
  14. To guide and help members of the association in the establishment of their career in Orthodontics
  15. To hold periodic meetings, courses, seminars and conferences for Orthodontic continuing education, and discussion of scientific subjects, professional matters and for social purposes and to give certificates to the attendees of such scientific meetings.
  16. To encourage formation of study clubs and such groupings for exchange of scientific information and knowledge.
  17. To make knowledge available through all available sources including the use of internet and other means of communication
  18. To help establish library access for its members to all available Orthodontic literature.
  19. To publish the Pakistan Orthodontic Journal.
  20. To correspond, associate, cooperate, and collaborate with other dental and professional bodies throughout the world to further the cause of the profession, this association and its memyoutubeyoubers.
  21. To establish and run programs to further the above objectives in the press, and in communities, schools, madrassahs, cities, and all such areas where people can be educated for prevention and for education on treatment modalities.
  22. To form branches of the Association in different provinces and cities of Pakistan to promote its objectives.
  23. To give awards to those who have made outstanding contribution to the profession.